The history of Hawaiian shave ice

This guy waited over 20 minutes to get his Shave Ice. He said, "It was worth the wait."

This guy waited over 20 minutes to get his Shave Ice.

The “Roaring Twenties” in America introduced the first television, jazz music and shave ice! From 1920 to 1930, Japanese plantation workers left their country to find work in Hawaii, where they spent long hot days working in the sugar and pineapple fields. With the scorching Hawaii climate, shave ice was a great way to quench their thirst and break the heat. Fortunately, the only day they had off from work was the only day that shave ice was sold.


Eating shave ice

Before actual shave ice machines were invented, machetes were used to shave the ice off into the light fluffy texture it is famous for. They used homemade syrup to flavor the shave ice, before developing the commercial syrups and flavors used today. Over time, the plantation workers began to open up their own shave ice shops. This is how shave ice became increasingly more popular and now, almost 100 years later shave ice is still a number one treat in Hawaii and across the globe.

By: Alaina Murphy

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