How to make your own Hawaiian shave ice

Making shaved ice

Making Hawaiian shaved ice

With today’s tough economic climate, getting your daily fix of shave ice can be expensive. Luckily, the treat is easy and cheap to make on your own, requiring minimal ingredients: ice, syrup and any other ingredients you wish to add, such as Azuki beans, sweetened condensed milk, nuts, or chocolate syrup.

Using a blender or a mixer, you can mix ice cubes into a fine texture. Though this may not recreate the authentic, light consistency of Hawaiian shave ice, it comes pretty close. If you don’t have a blender or mixer, ice can be crushed easily using a rolling pin. If you are a die-hard shave ice fan, it might be beneficial to buy an actual Hawaiian shave ice machine; a good machine can cost as little as $40 and can be found online.

Hawaii shave ice

Hawaii shave ice

Once the ice is “shaved”, it is time to add the syrup. Many different flavors can be found online or in stores and usually cost around $6 for a quart-sized bottle. Many shave ice and grocery stores sell bottles of syrup as well. For a healthy and equally tasty alternative, you can make your own syrup. Real fruit juice can be added for the health-conscious and it still tastes delicious. Kool-Aid is also a popular ingredient because not only does it taste great, it comes in a variety of colors and flavors. When pouring the syrup onto the ice, it is best to have a “bottle pourer”, which is a plastic device that attaches to the end of syrup bottles. Using a bottle pourer helps disperse the syrup into the ice evenly, creating the true shave ice experience.  The price is sweet too … just over a buck.

After putting the ice and syrup together, you can enjoy it right away or add any other flavors you want. Making your own shave ice saves you money, allows you to make a healthy dessert, and even encourages you to get creative with the flavors and ingredients you put together.

By: Alaina Murphy

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